Tuesday Night Mentoring Program

YPF volunteers facilitate a bi-weekly mentoring program for DFW-area Boys & Girls Club teens at the East Dallas Club during which the teens learn about entrepreneurship and college and professional readiness.  The sessions utilize a small-group format coupled with a case study competition.  With the help of the YPF volunteers the teams explore the case studies and derive a solution with a team leader presenting the solution to the entire group.  YPF judges select the winning team is which is given a monetary reward.  Following the case study competition we enjoy dinner providing by YPF.  These sessions are designed to be flexible, allowing mentors to attend the sessions based on their availability.  

Spring Sessions:  College and Professional Readiness

College and professional readiness case studies include higher education funding and ROI, time management, networking, and interviewing. 

Fall Sessions:  Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship lessons are structured as a startup boot camp, with each team brainstorming new business ideas, analyzing the logistics, economics, and accounting of the business, and developing a marketing pitch.